never too busy.

by saracrolick

lunch is served

It’s easy to get lost in the momentum of your own world, to see only the things that rest mere feet from you—we’re moving briskly, self-contained vessels for ‘important’ tasks.

Most of my working hours are spent prioritizing jobs, self-delegating my to-dos, sometimes down to the minute. My world is important, so important that hours can slip by before I glance up from my screen and realize that life is happening around me.

So when my father phoned early this afternoon, I listened closely to his hopeful tone as he inquired if I was “busy.” And even though I could feel the anxiety mount, even though my busy-brain screamed “of course you are busy, so busy, why have we stopped?” I answered “Not too busy, Dad. What’s up?”

Through the phone I could hear his smile; his lips formed the words ever-so-carefully because his daughter was always so busy and he was just so proud.

“Why don’t you come by in a few minutes,” he proposed, “and bring the little ninja with you.”

And even though my brain spun wildly because there were so many ‘important’ things yet to be done, I answered, “sure. we’ll see you soon.”

With a steady hand I closed my computer. I picked up my little ninja, so engrossed in his drawings, and headed next door for a visit.

My father cares about details—that’s one of many legacies he’ll leave. He cares about taking care of his family, he cares about making our lives easier in any way he can. So when I walked into the familiar kitchen and saw the lunch he had prepared for his very busy daughter, I took a deep breath and whispered thank you to the open air.

Thank you for having the courage to walk away from your ‘important’ tasks, child. Thank you for recognizing what mattered most in this moment. Thank you for recognizing unconditional love, and thank yougoodness, Universe, I thank you—for gifting this incredible human to me, I’m so happy he’s my dad.

So look around, look up. Look through what you deem as ‘important’ to seek the important that’s real.

“No, Dad. Not busy. I never want to be too busy for you.”


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