slow down, little babes.

by saracrolick

papa bear and his cubs

Please slow down, Little Babes.

It wasn’t so long ago that we pushed you through these crowds in strollers or carried you in slings. we walked at our own pace. We made moves and decisions on your behalf, for your little voices had no words yet to call their own. We carried you close—your tiny heartbeats pressed flush against ours—and sometimes we let you dream while life swirled up and on and all about you. But you didn’t know about the life that danced so dramatically because our arms were your universe, and your comfort knew no limits when they were wrapped so lovingly around.

But now… now you have opinions forming at every moment of every day. You have quickly moving feet and eager eyes, you spend each waking moment devouring the activity sprawled out before you.

You’re asking questions. So many questions.

You want to go and see and laugh and do and spin and talk and discover. you want to experience this place and change this place. And you’re changing us, Little Boys. You’re offering tiny insights that make us pause where we stand to reconsider the world we once thought so familiar.

We’re slowing down.

We’re taking time; we’re demanding it.

We’re releasing tiny, sour bits of things—things beyond our control and things that don’t matter so much—to make space for the delicious chunks of life that you so readily give.

Slow down, Our Little Loves. We’re not ready to say goodbye to this.


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