the wedding guests.

by saracrolick

wedding shenanigans

They loved weddings.

They loved being gussied, remembering what their bodies felt like under fancy fabrics, with new silhouettes to admire. She loved the challenge of a heel and he loved a well-tailored suit.

They loved being placed at the ‘other’ table, relishing in the freedom to stretch out their brains and hearts in the company of strangers; the way their little island became a five-hour home, a meeting place of sudden friends. She loved being pulled by the tide of his conversation and he loved having her there to smile and laugh and chime in at unexpected moments.

At weddings it was easy to remember why they loved each other so—the tiny adventures, the conversations, the laughter. They loved moving to the dance floor for the slow ones—her right foot between his; they weren’t sure why, it just always feels better that way, how her hip meets his middle, how her hand claims his thumb, how easy it is to relax into his lead.

They drew energy from the palpable love—the overwhelming happiness that is so rare to observe. They loved watching, with permanent smiles, the recent Mr. & Mrs.—dancing between obligatory hellos and sought-after private moments.

They loved collecting together, it’s what made them light up—ideas and thoughts and insight on just about everything. They collected opinions, like souvenirs, of wedding perfection. They talked about dinners and locations and laughed at the hypothetical failures. They surprised themselves with freshly-minted preferences.

They loved exploring; they snuck away for walks and sips of whiskey in not-for-wedding-guest territories and felt revived for more celebration upon their return.

They photo-boothed in black & white and planned their future in color.

And when the moment came, they hugged the newlyweds; they whispered words of congratulations and showered them with blessings. They told them how very happy they were for them and they meant it.

And on the car ride home, without fail, they felt closer to each other than ever—an overlapping of energetic selves, a sharing of rhythms and breath.

This is happiness, she thinks. This is undeniable love.


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