because, really… cats.

by saracrolick

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I’m leaving this place.

I’m saying farewell to the mean streets of complacency, goodbye to the relentless dwellers of unhappiness isle. you’ve had enough time to vent and expound and corroborate. you’ve had enough space to lay it out, to hit ’em hard, to beat ’em down.

you, with your dribble… your misdirected rage. I’ve been made to feel small for my compassion, all because you need to dish “lessons” on the regular. you’ve all but pushed out the beautiful parts of this wild and delightful existence.

your influence ends with this sentence, you bastards. my good nature is worthy of more than this filth. because my soul’s got bigger plans for this life.

so, I’m gone. solar winds carrying a fragile heart to higher plains, I’m seeking fresh air again—the kind of breathing that keeps you nourished, well-fed on oxygen and joy. because there’s so much more than you want to believe in, so much more. your battle with resentment is no longer my burden. I’m free.

there are riches in this place and I refuse to shrug gratitude. I refuse to engage with the naysayer army.

when’s the last time you noticed something grand? the smile offered (free of charge, mind you), the way the trees bend along the river as you pedal by, the smell of summer in a too-tiny house filled with laughter, an ocean who wraps her fingers along a loyal shore. and cats. because, really… cats.

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